Tuesday, January 8, 2008

All I wanted was to sleep.......and Lyra progress

I, too, have had trouble sleeping. Mine was from an antibiotic that I had to take at night. It made me feel as if I had this boulder in my stomach. Have you ever tried to sleep with indigestion? Sat night I did not get to sleep until 5:30 Sunday morning. The guys went to church without me. I slept until 9:00, but felt that like a zombie all day Sunday. Sunday night more of the same, but I did doze off a few times. I laid around all day yesterday. I did not even feel like knitting. Thankfully, my last pill was yesterday morning. I took my Lunesta last night, so I slept the sleep of the dead, but the I hate the groggy feeling it leaves you with the next day. I was desperate for sleep!!!
Lyra progress was made Saturday only. I am on Rnd 62. It now has a stitch count of 424 sts. The diameter is ONLY 12". I hope this baby stretches a lot when it is blocked. I really want a shawl not a doily. The last 2 days (with my sleep deprivation) I did not have the mental power to work on it. I am so amazed that someone could come up with this design. There is so much action on each round. I told one friend that it was like eating ice cream. It was luscious, but every bite brought on an ice cream headache. But since you love ice cream, you keep taking the next bite and savoring the taste until the next bit of pain hits. This is an intense pattern. It is a good thing to have the mindless K2, P2 knitting of the Half Circle Cardigan on the side. This is my salty knitting to counteract the sweetness of the Lyra. Although I hate K2, P2 ribbing, it is just what I need right now.


boo4baby said...

I am sorry you aren't sleeping. I hate the after-affects of sleep aids, too. I did sleep better last night. I watched what I ate, didn't take my power nap (15 min) and just prayed for sleep to come. It did take me an hour and a half, but better than the night before.

I love the half circle sweater. I could never wear it, but it's cute. I can't wait to see pictures of the other one that you are working on.

Have a good day!

fleegle said...

You are using such tiny thread and needles, and your cotton yarn won't stretch much. It's probably going to make a small shawl, but still a beautiful one.

I love the ice cream analogy! And I hope you will get some rest soonest!

Jackie said...

Wow, that cardigan is really unusual. I like it! What yarn are you using? Maybe you already posted the cardi info but I missed it somehow. Hope sleep comes your way without the drugs soon.