Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lyra progress

Well, I have made Lyra progress. I am now on Rnd 51 and I need to do a lifeline. For those who do not know what a lifeline is, I will try to explain (correct me if I am wrong, Fleegle). You run a string (I like to use cotton crochet thread in the approximately size, contrasting color of what I am knitting with) through the sts on a round, so that in the occurrence of a mistake or dropped st that you cannot fix, you can rip out to your lifeline and not have to start the whole thing over. This pattern calls for lifelines. I have dropped many sts (on purpose) to fix errors, but there is so much action on this "baby" that I would go into cardiac arrest from the thought of even having to. I plan on doing a lifeline on my next even row and then every 10 rows. I know that I have done approximately 18 rnds since my last post, but it does not look as though I am making ANY progress. I have to admit that the size 1 (2.50 mm) needles are almost painful for me to knit with. I feel like I am knitting with needles that my Barbie dolls should be using. Maybe it is because of my large hands. I am sure that by the time I finish my Lyra, I will have become accustomed to the feel of them.
In answer to Autumn's question--
Yes, I have been too sick to knit. Not alot, but have been there a time or two. Mostly, I have too many projects that take too much concentration or that I have lost "that lovin feelin" for and will not let myself start another project in that state of vulnerability. More often, I find myself in a state of "suspended knitting". It is usually after I have finished a large project, one that has consumed my mind for months. I get this way when I finish a book. I have to make myself not start something new until I have passed the "vulnerable empty hands" "I have all this free time" stage. I go into in my "loom room" and feel forlorn for a few day to a week. I don't go to a yarn store during that time, either. I make myself wait for the right project. That is not easy to do!
I use this time to MAKE myself finish projects that have been neglected and are almost finished. When I do that, I come out a winner because my need for a "knittin fix" has passed and I have another PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) that I can mark off my long list.
May your weekend be filled with many happy stitches.


Jackie said...

I've never heard of 'lifeline' as a knitting term before. Your project is making me sweat. Keep it up, Kay!

fleegle said...

Yes, you are correct. I have all my needles drilled for lifeline holes. Then all you have to do is thread the hole on the receiving needle and the lifeline automatically threads as the stitches go over it. I lifeline every other row. I drop stitches all the time and simply don't have the energy to keep repairing the mess.

Glad you are back knitting!

Gina said...

"Projects in Grocery Sacks" that totally cracks me up!!!!!! I have a ton of cross-stitch "UFOs" (unfinished objects) - amazingly my time is eaten up by little people in my house. ;)

I'm stalking you now. Scary, isn't it?