Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Clean or cleaner office

I am enjoying a cleaner office, today. I sold an unused piece of exercise equipment that was just another surface to pile things on. It cleared up a lot of space in my office, but all the stuff on it ended up all across one side of my long work top. Right away, I knew that a trip to my local discount store was in order. I had allowed my magazines to pile up and I did not have enough of the magazine holders to put them in. This is a purchase I should have made last year. I confess, I have a "pile-it" degree. I am not proud of this degree, but thankfully, I eventually deal with it.
As for progress on my Half Circle Cardigan, I have 60 rows to go on the other Front and one more sleeve to complete. This afternoon I have to go for some auto maintenance, so I will probably get to the sleeve before my Bible study tonight. I was thinking that I would definitely finish it Sat (we have a road trip to Mountain View for a Spin-In), but I will have to find another project to take. It will have to be something mindless so that I will not get carsick on the winding roads. I wish that this meant that I would have a lovely skein of yarn to show you Monday, but my spinning is very slow and once I get home, my wheel will go back in the corner until the Fiber Retreat in March. I would just rather be knitting. Spinning for me is something that I love to do at a gathering of other spinners. It is not something I like to do at home alone. It is a sociable craft for me. Doing it with other spinners makes it so enjoyable.

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boo4baby said...

If you have a pile it degree, I must have a graduate degree! I am a piler extraordinaire! And I hate it!

I did look for you last night to give you your books, but I couldnt' find ANYBODY in the choir room or in the rooms that were listed on the door. It was like the rapture came just for the ladies in Bible study!