Thursday, January 24, 2008

A warm car is soooo nice!

Well, I now have a warm car. I had the thermostat replaced and my toes so love it. If I had know that was the problem, I would have had it fixed when we bought it 7 years ago. I thought it was just a drafty vehicle and the winters here are not very long. It was worth the 2 hour wait in a drafty waiting lounge. As I get older, my circulation in my feet and hands has bottomed out. When I dig for my hand knit wool socks, I search for the thickest ones or double layer the thin ones. I have decided to never make socks out of thin sock yarn. It will be sport weight or even dk weight. I love the luxury of thick wool socks. They make you feel so cozy and pampered!!!!
I ended up not taking my Half Circle Cardigan with me to the car dealership. I, instead, took a project for a gift that needed to be done by the end of the month. I figured if I took it, I would finish it and I did, almost. I did not want to finish my Half Circle Cardigan and have to start another project for Saturdays road trip. If I had finished it before this weekend, I would have been tempted to start my Diagonal Cardigan and I really want to wait and start that closer to my Jefferson City trip in March. I like the anticipation of a project almost as much as making the project. When I finish a project, I need a cooling off period, so that I do not leap into a project that I later regret. I call this "rebound knitting".


boo4baby said...

You make me laugh! I LOVE how you plan your projects so specifically. At this time in my life it boils down to "when I get the time". I am glad you have a warm car now. I hate being cold! Have a good night! I am hoping to work on my needlepoint tonight while watching American Idol. I worked harder this afternoon to be able to. :D

Jackie said...

Rebound knitting? What a great new term! I love it! You're a genius, Kay.