Monday, January 28, 2008

Unusual weekend

My weekend seems to have begun Friday morning. I went in for 3 crowns (that did not happen last time) and a filling. Four hours later, I came home exhausted and went to bed hoping that I would wake up having regained the side of my face that was numb. What is it about dental work that makes you feel unreasonably exhausted? Later that night, I got a call saying that my Spin-In was canceled due to bad weather expectation. I was so ready to sit and spin all day Sat. It has been rescheduled for this coming Sat, thankfully. I ended up going to a guild meeting that I was going to have to miss because of the Spin-In. It was nice and I met some new knitters/spinners/weavers.
As far as knitting this weekend, I did not finish my Half Circle Cardigan. I did work on it, but it is taking longer than I thought. At this point, it is so heavy and not portable. I have about 55 rows to go on the last sleeve. I will finish it this week, hopefully. I did work on my Lyra this weekend. I am now on Rnd 101. I made progress on another Table Runner for my Christmas stash for this year and started a pair of knit felted clogs for another friend's Christmas present. I am trying very hard to make progress on Christmas presents every month, at least one per month. I plan on sitting down and writing out my list of friends and each time I finish a gift, I get to mark them as done. I will not call it a New Years resolution. I hope to keep this progress up, but even if it fizzles out, like last year, I will have made progress on some of my list. To me, nothing says "I value your friendship" like a handmade gift.

This is a picture of my roving, ready to be taken for a spin.
This is some hand spun yarn that I will probably be using to make fingerless gloves with for more Christmas stash.

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Jackie said...

The earthy handspun is just lovely. Didn't you make a gazillion fingerless gloves before Christmas? Did you give them all away? Do you have any photos of them?