Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grafting finished

Yes, I finished the "dreaded" stitch grafting. It was not as bad as I had feared. It usually isn't. I think that I was afraid that the Cardigan would not fit and that all the work I had put in it would be wasted. The construction of this Half Circle Cardigan was so unusual that you felt as though you were flying in the dark. It seemed so contrary to my knitting radar. It does have some problems, not bad problems, but they will need to be fixed in order for me to wear it. The sleeves are about 3" too long. Thankfully that is easily fixed. One thing that I did different than the instructions was decrease on the sleeve. The instructions called for no decreases. I thought that the bulk of the sleeve would be yuk! I was right. I wish that I had decreased more. I will fix that when I rip out the extra length. Other than that, I like the cardigan. Is it going to be one of my favorite? I doubt it, but it may grow on me. Thankfully, it does not make me look fat. I like the way that it comes down to the waist in the back.
While grafting, I got caught up on my Knitpicks podcasts. I got my spinning wheel out to prepare it for Saturday's rescheduled Spin-In. I am so glad that I did. I had to change the belt and oil it real good. I have not spun on it since last spring. I have found a new place for it to sit. I have moved it into the office. It will encourage me to spin, my brightest and cleanest room, my computer to listen to downloads, maybe I will learn to spin better.

Isn't she a lovely thing?

Here is a picture of my WooLee Winder bobbin with some of my spinning. I know, I need to stain my bobbins and WooLee Winder to match my wheel.
I have a whole bunch of John Piper messages to enjoy with my spinning today.


fleegle said...

fleegle pokes and prods the blog entry, but can find no picture of the half-circle cardigan. Sniffle.

Kay Meadors said...

Ye gads, fleegle, you are such an impatient wench!! Let me fix the knuckle dragging sleeve first. If I post one now, my knitting ability will be put into question!

boo4baby said...

Kay, I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE my fingerless gloves! I don't actually know what your arrangement was with my MIL, but thank you, thank you! I love them so much! You are a very kind person to do that for my birthday!!! I wish I could have seen you last night and opened it in front of you, but I was in a father/daughter meeting. Thank you again! They are perfect!