Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Knitting with Bambu7

This is some new yarn. It is called Bambu7. It is a yarn used mostly in weaving, but I plan on knitting with it, too. I am going to dye some in a terra cotta and a mahogany and weave a shawl in it. It is not what I was expecting. It is 2100 yards per lb, so I thought it would be along the size of sock weight yarn. It is somewhere in between a sock and a lace weight yarn. It is extremely soft and has an almost silk like sheen. I bought it in the color called Rice. I have already started me a spring shawl with it. It is slightly tricky to knit with, as it has 7 plies to it and has the structure of a hank of embroidery floss.
My shawl will be rectangular in shape and have a wave edging and a wave pattern stitch. I'll think of white sand on a lovely stretch of beach while I knit it. I have come to prefer the rectangular shape for a shawl. I love using hand painted and variegated yarns. Using these types of yarn on a circular shawl gives you an almost "bulls eye" effect, on a square it gives you a "boxed in" effect.
Also, there is no wasted knitting on a rectangular shawl. I, always, fold a square or circle in half which makes me feel as though I have wasted half the knitting. I had to start something to take my mind off of my Diagonal Garter Cardigan. I finished a sleeve and am almost finished with one of the fronts on it. I cannot seem to stop knitting on it. It is so easy and the colors are so yummy! I did work 3 rows on my Lyra the other night. I am now on Round 105. For all those who have knit a Lyra, I am almost at the part where you decide if you want to make it circular or square. I am opting for circular.
I, also, found a new pattern stitch book. This one has some luscious pattern stitches in it. I hope it primes my book producing pump!!!

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