Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday? Already?

I can't believe it is already Friday! I am wondering where I was for the rest of this week. Thankfully, it was not like last week (one Dr appt after another). Still it seems that I should have a pile of completed knitting projects to show you.
As I said in my last entry, I started a spring/summer shawl in the Bambu7 yarn. I ended up ripping it out and starting over with a smaller needle and a different body pattern stitch. That is the way it is with designing, what looks good on paper does not always work out in knitting.
I did make more Lyra progress. It is now a very slow progress, as the stitch count for one round is up to 728 sts. I am currently on Round 114.
I found some cute things to share from a fellow blogger's site-
This hat is the cutest thing. It is called a Cupcake Hat. I can just see it on a little one's head!
This website. This design in particular.
Such creativity!!!!!
Next week will be full of preparations for my Jefferson City trip. I am excited and hesitant at the same time. I love road trips with my boys (Mike and Ben), I love fiber/spinning/knitting workshops, I love getting to visit with my fiber friends in MO, and I love to knit and listen to Jan Karon books on CD as we travel. is so far away (7 hours), gas is so expensive, and I am so cheap (should I really spend my only check that I've gotten in 6 months on this trip?). I will prepare for the trip either way. I know that if I do not go, I will miss seeing friends that I only see this one time a year, I will miss shopping in the vendors market (I really need more wool dye and roving for an experiment), and I will miss a weekend of spinning/knitting/fiber overload.
Decisions, decisions............
Hope you have a great weekend. I have a guild meeting Sat. It will be on paper making. I'm not really into that sort of craft (I would rather be knitting), but it will be interesting.

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