Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let it snow!

Sunday in central Arkansas saw a temperature of 74 degrees. This is what we have this morning, almost 2 inches of snow. Thankfully, the roads were warm and that prevented it from being a hazard. I like snow to be that way, all the beauty, none of the danger. I know you are thinking "danger?". Here in central Arkansas we rarely get this white stuff and when we do, people do not know how to drive in it.

Here is a picture of my crocheted version of the Cupcake Hat. As you can tell, I like mine with sprinkles. This is the first time that I have crocheted with beads. It was fun.
Speaking of beads, I bought a pattern yesterday. It is called Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights. I have a friend who is going to Morocco for vacation in the fall and I had just heard the buzz about this shawl. I emailed her the link and she is so "psyched" to make it for her trip. I plan on dyeing up some lace weight next week for us to make it. She will make it in the warm honey tones. I am going to over dye some eggplant colored lace weight yarn with some dark tones to make me an Arabian Nights version. It calls for 5000 beads and looks so elegant. It is an extremely large shawl (30" x 90"). I was pouring over the pattern so see if there was a way to make it a bit smaller. I will probably leave out one of the pattern stitches and I will not use as many beads on the fringe. It looks like a fun challenge.
I do not need another project, but having never worked with beads, I will try this one.
My Jefferson City trip is in limbo. Missouri is expecting more of what we got last night. According to the "10-day forecast", snow is expected Friday, too. So, we are checking the forecast every day so that we can canceled our rooms, if needed. If we have to cancel the trip, I will buy myself some nice yarn to make up for it. I will buy a skein of Schaefer Trenna yarn.
Every time I see this yarn, I think "YUM".


fleegle said...

Love the hat, Kay!

Mary in AR said...

The hat is just great! Love the shawl pattern too, but 5000 beads!! Oh my!

Kathie said...

That hat is sooo cute!!! how big is it? I think, without the bead since it could be a choking hazzard, it would be an adorable baby girl hat...like the apple hats you used to make :)