Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yummy color! Can't stop knitting!

Sickness still reigns in our home. Son is still battling fevers, cough and congestion. Husband still has the cough. I have not caught their bugs, thankfully! I am thoroughly sick of dr appointments, though! I needed a pick me up by Tuesday. So I started my Diagonal Garter Cardigan. I needed to swatch it and redo the numbers for a tighter gauge, so I started one of the 3 squares. The colors are to die for!!!!
I will have to make myself put this down or it will be finished before Jeff City and honestly, I cannot think of any other knitting that I want to take on that trip.

I think I have finally reached my shawl limit. I am still working on 2 shawls (my Lyra and a square sampler) and am not real enthusiastic about either. They take more concentration than I can give right now. I am back to a sleep deprived balloon head feeling. Both shawls are at a large stage and it takes a long time to even complete one round. I find that sometimes it just helps to put it to the side for awhile and come back to it when you get in the mood.
I am so enjoying knitting this garter project. I know that sometimes garter is so boring, but the play of colors with this JoJoland Rhythm yarn is just wonderful! It is so hard to stop knitting! If you ever get a chance to try this yarn, do it! Any pattern that calls for Noro would probably work with this yarn! It is softer and less expensive. If I have extra balls left, I am going to make some more Ribbed Fingerless Mittens.
Here are the colors up close-------


boo4baby said...

It is beautiful! I love it! Hope the sickness in your home is gone soon.

fleegle said...

Striking colors.

Hope everyone gets well soon!