Monday, February 18, 2008

Sickness, new sewing machine, and completed projects!

Our house has been plagued with illness for the last two weeks and has continued this week. First, our son got "it" (not the flu, thankfully, but some other viral crud) and then Mike got it. He never misses work, but this just laid him low. Both of them sounded as though they were coughing up a lung! Mike is somewhat better, but Ben has come down with another form of crud (high fever, chills, nasal congestion). Doctor says no classes until the fever is gone and that may be 2 or more days. Just have to let it run its course. So far, knock on my wooden head, I have escaped both. But after being in the waiting room with a room full of hacking and coughing sick people for an hour wait, I hope my immune system holds up against that! I felt ill just listening to them and thinking about all the germs that we were exposing ourselves to there! Ugh!
I broke down and bought my sewing machine! I had a friend who gave me gift to go toward it and I had to buy it, right? I think I would still be in limbo wandering whether to go ahead and buy it or not. I am glad that I did before the sale went off and I had to wait again. I have watched the instructional dvd and am looking forward to using it. I sat down this weekend and measured my knitting needle sets for some new wool felt holders. I have been wanting to make some, so that everything has a place. I will get pictures of them, when I finish. That will be my first project and maybe then I will go on to do some quilted table runners for more Christmas stash.
I finished my hand spun Ribbed Fingerless Mittens. I, also, finished the two Table Runners that I had been working on. This brings my Christmas stash to 6 gifts finished. At this rate, I may finish my list by July.
This week holds a lot of knitting opportunities, 2 more dr appointments (4 if you count todays). I don't mind the wait, if I have my knitting with me. I am anxious to begin my Diagonal Cardigan on my Jeff City trip. Hope the weather stays nice. If there is a hint of snow or ice, we will cancel the trip. Sometimes it just beez that way!


boo4baby said...

And I thought that was you coughing in the back yesterday. I hope you stay well! You go, girl, on those projects. I haven't touched my needlepoint in days because of father/daughter. I hope to pick it up tonight. Have fun with your new machine. And I am still loving my fingerless gloves.......wore them today.....I wear them everyday! :D

R. D. Bailey said...

knit the guys some good scarves to keep their necks warm. we had the same chest colds. can't seem to shake them. please read and participate at