Friday, May 30, 2008

New garden

We came home to find that some of our plants had grown about 2 ft. Thanks Margie for watering them.
This my new yarn. I love the GPS that I bought Michael for Christmas. I had no idea that I would love having it help me find yarn stores! Really, I didn't know that it could do that!

This is my garden. I will take some more pics in a couple of weeks to show you the growth. I have so enjoyed having my hands in the soil. I really am a country girl at heart........
I only did veggies in my raised beds, with the exception of the lemon grass in the middle of the left bed. I have herbs in my old garden. What you see is tomatoes, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini.

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Gina said...

I know zip about yarn other than knowing that what you bought is so pretty - and all those colors are so "you"! :) Congratulations on the book publication! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful vacation. Welcome home! Did I tell you that I found Harrison's socks? If I did, forgive me - brain is shot, you know! ;)