Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blocked lace beauty

Here are pictures of my vacation shawl blocked. It really looks great with my hair color. I made this with a friend in mind. Thankfully, I have more of this yarn. I will tweak the pattern and make another for me. It is so light, airy, and soft.
I finished the cable band on my cardigan. I am making it in the yarn that I purchased from Stonehill Spinning. It is the Tatamy Tweed Worsted in the color Birch Tweed. I really enjoy working with this yarn. I am making it almost exactly like my brown Lopi cardigan. I loved the design so much and knew that I would not be able to wear it very much because of the thickness. The design needed to be made in something that could be worn all year. The great thing about the Tatamy Tweed Worsted is the it is worsted weight, the gauge is 4.5 sts and 6 rows = 1", it is machine washable, it is made of 40% cotton and 60% acrylic, and it has great yardage for the price, 180 yards per 3.5 ounces. This would be a great yarn for making knitwear for kids.
By the way, if you want to see the different entries for the Trenna Shawl contest, go here.


fleegle said...


Denise~ said...

OHMYGODS!!!! It's stunning!

And yes the color is perfect as well as the "size"!.

Don't you just want to swirl and swirl and swirl again?

Jackie said...

Beautiful shawl, Kay! I checked out Little Knits and they haven't posted your Trenna shawl yet. I guess it's #5. GAAAHHH!!!! I can't WAIT to see on their website!

Morandia said...

a BEAUTIFUL shawl! Even more so in person!