Thursday, June 12, 2008

Silk yarn is coming!

Early last week, my sister emailed me that she was in China. It was one of those mass emails that goes out to everyone she knows. In it she mentioned that she was visiting the SILK MARKET the next day. I nearly swooned! I promptly sent an emergency email her way and proceeded to call every number that I had for her, leaving messages to not come home without me some silk yarn. Now understand, my sister is not a knitter, but she was with 2 ladies who were looking for silk fabric for clothing designs. I thought that would help my chances of getting some decent lace weight. Was I hoping against hope? She called the next day and said that they had not gone there yet, but would and I explained to her what I was hoping for. Thankfully, she called and asked! She was thinking silk thread for sewing! I nearly died! I would have been so disappointed to have to send it to some of my knitting friends who knit with sewing thread size yarn (fleegle). I am hoping that the ladies that she was with will steer her in the right direction. We will see. I can't wait to get it!
Knitting progress-had to rip the yoke on my Tatamy Tweed Worsted cardigan, have to rethink the yoke increases. Working on the Left Front of Michael's cardigan vest, had to rip it several times. That is so the problem with designing. I am always able to see a better way to do it, so I rip.
The Trenna Shawl contest ends Friday. It will be a long day tomorrow. Please remember to vote here.


Denise~ said...

SILK!!!!! Okay you HAVE to post pics when it arrives!

You lucky duck you!

Have you gotten the "official" thumbs up from Little Knits regarding the voting yet?

Gina said...

Okay, it looks to me like you won the Trenna Shawl contest? Have you heard officially yet????

And, ooooooh, scrumptious silk yarn?! Yummy!!!!