Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free pattern downloads

I have posted my first free pattern download on Ravelry. It was easier than I thought, once I got pointed in the right direction. Thanks Joan and Ben. I am challenged when it comes to technology. I have to have my hand held through the whole process.
The two patterns that I posted are Crazy Scarf and Triangular Leaf Shawl. They are both great patterns. The Crazy Scarf is the funnest, easiest, wackiest scarf to knit. It makes a great gift and is the perfect brainless, trip knitting project. It looks great made in any variegated or hand painted yarn. I have made it in dk weight, worsted and even, bulky weight yarn. The Triangular Leaf Shawl is an easy, first time lace project. It can be made in sport weight, sock/finger weight or lace weight yarn. Check them both out. Just click on the link at the left of my blog under the picture of my boys.
Knitting progress--I have about 10" to go on my Rectangular Leaf Shawl. I really love this Jojoland yarn. I hope it blocks great. I hope to finish it by this weekend. I have a book signing at the Knit-In at Cox Center this Sat. I would love to have it done for that, but probably not.


fleegle said...

Thanks for the free patterns!

SSK* said...

Yea Kay!!! Now you can add more, free or otherwise. Did you get all your other patterns linked? I am headed over there to see.
Tell Ben he needs to celebrate with an ice cold Fitz's. And tell him that Katie and her roomie were looking at an apartment right behind Fitz's... ohhhhh that could be such trouble. I think they are going to get a different one.

Knit on!

Kathie said...

A book signing?? Wow, you are a real author :D We need to catch-up

audrey said...

I am making a baby blanket from your book titled Keepsake Baby Afghans. The particular pattern is Delicate Souvenir. I am attempting to do the edging and find that the pattern does not produce the correct number of ch-6 spaces required. I have asked the advise of a woman working at a knot shop who has lots of knitting/crocheting experience. She has suggested that there seems to be an error in the pattern. I was wondering if there are any corrections available for this pattern. It is very frustrating when I have gotten the body of the blanket competed and now can't get the final border to work out. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer. I have made several other of the patterns in this book with no problems.
Sue Minarik (through Audrey's account)

Kay Meadors said...

Sue/thru Audrey's account: the one you are making does have a challenging border. I wish I could help you, but I do not even have a copy of this book. Please click on my personal email, so that I can email you back. I will help you through it. As far as I know, it is correct, but I do not know if any thing has been changed.