Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More B-day swag

Well, I have gotten more B-day gifts the last 2 days. I finally got my "Know your cuts of lamb" shirt! I, also, got some foot cream and lavender hand lotion from Michael. One of my buddy, Nancy, got me a whole felted knitting tote full of goodies--chocolate pasta, a juniper candle, lavender body wash, citrus basil hand lotion, chocolate bars, a photo album, note cards... I don't think I forgot anything. What a bag of goodies! I have such giving friends. I am one blessed gal!
This is the design I will be starting on next week. It is a Pi version shawl. This one is made in finger weight yarn. I am rewriting it in a lace weight. I think it will be more lovely in lace weight. I plan on this being my "road knitting" for a trip to KY for a family reunion. Hopefully, I will have it all knitted to the edging part by the time I get back. I am making it in a warm butterscotch colored wool. Yum!

Knitting progress--I am still working on Arkansas Diamonds at night. During the day, I am working on getting the copy done on 3 shawl patterns. I have to proof them. I hate proofing. I have never cared for it, but I want the patterns to be perfect, so I pour over them for hours. I check and re-check and re-check. The best way, I have found, to do this is to make myself a pot of coffee and git-r-done! A pot of rich coffee always helps me get with it.

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fleegle said...

Ah...lucky you. All those goodies!

I hate proofing too, but look what fun everyone else will have knitting your lovely patterns!