Thursday, August 28, 2008

Autumn Leaf Pi Shawl blocked!

A quick post to share pics of my finished and blocked Autumn Leaf Pi Shawl.

To see more view and closeup go here and click on one of the photos.
I made it in Knitpicks Shadow lace weight in the color called Campfire. It is a warm butterscotch. Another lace shawl in my Autumn Series. I plan on putting this on Ravelry for sale, but right now, I am working on getting some things organized in my "loom room". I really wish someone would buy my 8-harness 25” Schacht table loom with a stand. It needs to be loved/used and I need space to set up my triangular loom. I still have 2 other looms to weave on.
Knitting progress--I am back to working on Arkansas Diamonds. I am past the half way point. I have 130rows to go on the body. I really look forward to seeing it blocked.


fleegle said...

Gorgeous! You sure are knitting up a storm!

Gina said...


SSK* said...

Slow down!!! You are making the rest of us look bad! :)