Friday, August 29, 2008

Cleaning done!

I will not bore you with pics of my loom room. It is more organized, more orderly, but the truth is that I have toooooooooooo much yarn. I need to destash in a big way. I say that after ordering more yarn this morning for my next design! Why is it that the yarn you need, you never have? Sigh.....I will give you pics of the dyeing that I did in between the cleaning. If you remember, in my post of a few weeks ago, I dyed some yarn for Denise and Fleegle. I was so disappointed in colors that I did for Denise. She gave me wonderful colors choices, but the dye fairies were not helpful that day. So yesterday, I redyed some more yarn. Denise had picked out the colors-- silver grey, bronze green, and plum. I looked at those colors on my color card and I knew she was wanting yarn that spoke of her lovely fields of lavender. I decided to give it one more try. I will not show you hers, but I like the combo so much that I dyed me some, too. I will show you mine and hope that Denise will not be nosy!!!!
Some comments left on this blog have hinted that I need to slow down and quit making everyone else look bad, SSK! I can't! You see I have this providential carrot in front of me all the time! The next design idea! I ordered yarn for my next one today. I have to finish the one I am working on in order to start the next one!
Someone asked a rich man--how much money is enough? His reply was--the next million!
So if you are asking me which design is my favorite? It is always the one I am wanting to knit next !
Knitting progress--a little more progress on Arkansas Diamonds. I am going to try really hard to finish it this weekend. I want to start Sept with my Ozark Autumn remake and my lovely new hank of Trenna from Little Knits. I do love the silk characteristics of this yarn!


fleegle said...

Yeah, stop it. You are making me look lazy and causing me to suffer from a real guilt complex :)

Pretty colors!

Denise~ said...


This is beautiful! I can't wait to get mine!

Kay you captured the lavender plants wonderfully.

You are the most productive knitter I know. There is no way I could ever keep up. It's sure fun to watch you churn out the lace!