Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I got to start on my Ozark Autumn shawl remake, yesterday! I already have about 8" finished.
I am on the ladder stitch center panel. Now, I can take this one with me as my take-a-long knitting. Since I am not using beads, it can be whipped out for knitting anytime, anywhere.

When I ordered the Trenna for my remake, they did not have the color way that I had used for the contest, so I chose this color. When I got it, I was surprised at the gold in it. But when I wound it in a ball, I thought the colors were good and would knit up nicely. When I started my edging, yesterday, I was kind of leery of the way the colors were interacting. I was not sure I like it. The "supposed" reds in the yarn knitted out in a dark pink coral and coral. But if all else failed I knew I could put a warm wash of over dye on it to tone down the corals. This morning when I went to do photos, I liked it! I am fickle I guess. I do think this pattern would look better on a tone on tone color yarn, but these colors really "shout" the brilliance of fall colors. I think I am going to like it, a lot!
Knitting progress--I tried very hard to finish Arkansas Diamonds this weekend, so that I could start Ozark Autumn with a clean slate (don't even bring up all the other lace project I have going). I did finish the body and last night I finished the edging. I did find a problem with the edging at the first end and had to cut it off. Now I have to re-do that. I should be able to finish it tonight and block it tomorrow. It is really lovely, but I am very glad to get to work on something with a little color variation! I really prefer yarn with a little bit of differing tones to the colors. Maybe that is why the color interactions on Ozark Autumn were such a jolt and maybe that is why I am starting to warm up to them.


fleegle said...

It's interesting, that's for sure. Boy, do you knit fast!

Kathie said...

It is soo pretty. On my monitor (since I know they can show color differently) it makes me think of all the different autumn leaves.

SSK* said...

Prolific -- that's the word for you.

Gustav is visiting me today, so it's a perfect day to sit and knit and let the wind and rain carry on outside. Who needs an excuse to knit though!? Certainly not the LOVELY you!

Bev Love said...

Gorgeous, makes me wish the leaves were turning here in California.