Friday, August 15, 2008

It was NOT a good day to dye!

It was NOT a good day to dye! My reds turned out neon pink! I had to tone them down with a light wash of black. I ended up with a rich bordeaux. Sorry, Fleegle, I tried to get you rich deep red! It will still look wonderful on you!

Then I had an order for Navy Blue, Olive Green and Mahogany Brown. And another for Silver Gray, Plum and Bronze Green. My browns almost had a purplish shade to them and my silver gray came out like a gun metal blue. The two orders were too similiar. Sorry Denise! You'll have to choose another set of colors.

The only colors that looked good were the red brown, golden brown and rust. This would be lovely for my Ozark Autumn shawl.

Then to top it all off, I had a hole in my glove and ended up with a rust colored nail. I hope it wears off before Sunday.

I think I needed Cindy or Beth or Mary to dye with me. They always help me dye better. But for now, I am blaming it on the fact that I have never dyed Jaggerspun Zephyr before. The silk in it probably takes the dye differently.
The good thing about dyeing is that there are not screw ups. It just doesn't always come out the way you planned.
Knitting progress-- I worked on the edging on my Autumn Leaf Pi Shawl. I have to do 85 repeats of a 20 st-14 row repeat. I finished 7 lastnight. It looks like it is going to be a while before I get back to my Arkansas Diamonds.
Life's little pleasures--the smell of fresh paint. One room down, one to go, then on to the bathroom remodel, the loom room floor, the loom room windows, the kitchen floor.....


fleegle said...

Oh dear--sorry you had a bad day! Too bad you didn't have more holes in your gloves--looks like a nice shade of nail polish!

TwilaO said...

Hello Kay, I am hoping not to be a annoyance to you, but I have a question about one of your shrug patterns. It's the "Green Shrug" in your "4 Stunning Crochet Shrugs" booklet (which I LOVE, by the way!).

Row 1 for the Body says to work in end of rows, working (207) sc evenly spaced across. Does that mean I just put 2 or 3 sc around each of the dc posts? Or am I missing something? That seems so inexact to me! lol

Thanks in advance.

TwilaO said...

Thank you so much for your fast and clear help! Now I have the confidence to proceed. :)