Wednesday, September 24, 2008


That is the name of this scarf. It was named by Denise. I showed her the swatch and she said that she loved the zigzaginess of it. I loved the name and thought it was perfect to call it that. Thanks Denise.
I love this Jojoland yarn! It blocks like a dream. This only took ONE skein. The pattern is written for a scarf or shawl. I am going to make me a shawl. I have some lovely blues Jojoland that Denise sent me. It will be my jeans shawl. Did I say I LOVE this yarn?
Knitting progress--I have worked a few more rows on my Lavender Fields Shawl. Ripped my Michael's vest back (I was not getting gauge). That's what I get for not checking.
I have my trip knitting all packed!!! I still have a few things to iron. Must go!
Traveling Shawl progress--It is on its way to North Carolina! 3 States down, 47 to go! Check out our blog here.

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fleegle said...

Tee hee! That's adorable! But the JoJoland yarn is so scratchy-feeling! Or has it improved since two years ago?