Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Minus a loom and still no room....

I am minus a loom and still there is no room in my "loom room". Our Reformation Celebration at church was very good. The kids where more fascinated by the loom and weaving than the spinning wheel and spinning. I had several young girls who took to weaving like pros. Jennifer R's oldest daughter fell in love with it and took over the job of demonstrating. She wove several inches on the dishtowel. Next time I am asked, I may just bring two looms.
Monday morning, I finished tying the warp on the other loom to the front and started my BFF Cindy (best fiber friend) to weaving her first chenille shawl. That girl took to weaving the same way she took to spinning when she borrowed my spinning wheel. Before she left Monday, she was almost at the half way point on her shawl. I informed her that it was addictive and very satisfying. I, also, told her that since she was catching on so quickly, when she brought that loom back, she would have to take and weave on the loom warped with dishtowels next and then the one that was warped with scarves after that. I wish when I had first wanted to weave, that I had someone who would have let me borrow a loom. I still think I would have eventually bought a loom. Weaving is my next favorite craft to knitting. Thankfully, knitting is portable, because weaving is NOT.
Cindy at the loom! She is weaving on my 8-harness Schacht table loom that I am trying to sell. Anyone out there interested? It comes with a stand, too.A close-up of her weaving.
Knitting progress: I finished my Michael's Twisted Stitches Cardigan vest. I just love a man in a vest! Now to find the perfect buttons. I am almost finished with the second sock of my Panda Wool. This yarn is so soft. I cannot wait to wear them.
Traveling Shawl progress--It should be on its way to NH! 10 States down, 40 to go! Check out our blog here.
Family howdies: Hey cousin Phyllis! Praying for Russ and Aunt Wanda Belle! Love y'all! Give your grandgirls a big kiss from their GREAT cousin Kay!

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Jennifer said...

It's true. Alyssa loved getting to weave. She was asking on the way home from the Reformation Celebration if we could buy a loom! I think she's hooked! :)