Friday, November 21, 2008


I forgot to mention that my interview with Kelley Petkum at Knitpicks is out!
The cleaning supply fumes must really have messed up some brain cells.
I was very pleased with the editing job that Kelley did and the questions that she asked. The fact that I am an avid lace knitting enabler came through loud and clear on the interview. I have had some great feedback on Ravelry from knitters who are adding my book, "I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Lace" to their Christmas list and quite a few have decided to get over their fear of lace knitting.


Denise~ said...

Fantastic interview! Thanks for declaring to the world why charts are so essential for lace knitting - a great explanation on reading with charts and watching the patterns develop.


Anonymous said...

Kay, I enjoyed that interview immensely. I had just purchased your new book from Knit Picks and am going to use it to start knitting lace. I was blessed to find a 'sister in the Lord'. I noticed you have a link to Desiring God. I just finished a Ladies Bible Study using Piper's book Battling Unbelief.

Kay said...

Bonnie; email me on my profile page. I would love to chat about some of the studies I am doing. K