Friday, November 21, 2008

Who is this person?

"Who are you and what have you done with my wife?" That is probably what my husband has been thinking. I have temporarily traded my knitting needles and yarn for a paint brush, paint and cleaning supplies. ALLLLLL my friends know that I am not a neat freak, that my house is always a disaster, but this month I have been like a woman possessed! It may have something to do with switching bedrooms with our son. That entailed changing closets, which entailed getting rid of clothes and clutter. Then came the small bath makeover (I just put the last coat of paint on the white window trim). Now we are doing our big bath. We are only doing a new window, adding crown molding, a new paint job and new over the job cabinet.
I always HAVE to do deep cleaning for our Christmas Open House for our care group from church, so it is a blessing to have this desire/disease to clean! It is sooooooo unlike me, but I am embracing it with joy!
I have even rearranged all my kitchen and bath cabinets. I promise, I have it real bad!
Knitting progress: I have finished the second sock of my Reynolds Odyssey. I am almost finished with the first sock with my Socks that Rock yarn. I finished binding off my Traveling Shawl for photography. I just have to weave in some yarn ends and it will be ready to block.
I, also, gave a friend a lesson in triangular loom weaving this week. This morning, I finished the fringe on that and took it off the loom. It is quite lovely.
Traveling Shawl progress--We swept through MA, whizzed through NH and now it is in ME, soon it will be on its way to VT! 13 States down, 37 to go! Check out our blog here.

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