Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sooo much happening...round here

There has been a lot of busyness at our house. We are doing a bathroom redo. This is on top of my husbands full time job. Poor thing. Thankfully, it is at a place where I can now help. I spent the day, yesterday, doing wallpaper. I know, wallpaper is probably out of style, but my attitude on that is--it is only out of style if you don't like it. All my friends know me well enough to know, I decorate like I like! It is my house. When I do my big reveal, you will see why I love this wallpaper. It is SO Kay! I will give you a hint--there is a leaf motif involved!
Here are 2 pics of some lovely little wooden baskets that I got for the bottom of the "over the john cabinet".
I have been happily weaving dishtowels. I warped my loom for 10 and am on #8. They are quite lovely and fun to weave. I, especially, love the ones that I am weaving with the variegated cotton that is in the warp. It makes them look like a madras plaid. This is some new sock yarn that my Oregon friend, Jackie, sent me. It is Socks That Rock yarn. the colorway is Tide Pooling. It is so yummy. I already have them on the needles. I have a feeling that these will be some of my favorite socks. I am knitting them rather tight so that they will be thicker for my poor cold feet.

This is The Traveling Shawl. I am making one in a soft pick for photography. I will be selling this pattern on Ravelry and donating 100% of the proceeds to our Passionately Pink site. I am almost halfway finished. I am using Knitpick Essential sock yarn in the color Carnation.

Knitting progress: I found buttons for my Michael's Twisted Stitches Cardigan vest. It is blocking as I blog. I finished with the second sock of my Panda Wool. This yarn is so soft and they are a joy to wear. I am almost finished with a second sock of my Reynolds Odyssey. I started my first sock with my Socks that Rock yarn. I am working feverishly to finish my Traveling Shawl for photography.
Traveling Shawl progress--We took a little detour and went to MA, but now it is on its way to NH! 11 States down, 39 to go! Check out our blog here

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Mary in AR said...

Can't wait to see the finished bathroom. Love the sock yarn! Those will be great looking!