Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, the last few days, I have tried to finish up several knitted items. I still have 20 repeats of the 10 row edging repeat on my "In the Pink" Shawl. I hope to finish that today, in between cleaning and cooking for another family get together. It only takes 10 minutes to do one repeat, so it is doable, perhaps.
I spent most of yesterday taking down all the Christmas decorations and putting the house back into normal, everyday order/disorder.
I was hoping to get all 4 of my Second Sock Syndrome done before the New Year. I almost did! I lack one of my handpainted dk weight yarn called Watermelon Rind. I finished my one in my "Socks that Rock" yarn, my one in worsted weight Jojoland yarn and my one in the Knitcol dk weight yarn.
This is my 2008 list of knitting/weaving/handmade items:

1. Half Circle Cardigan

2. Kathie’s Clogs

3. Table Runner

4. Table Runner

5. Table Runner

6. Table Runner

7. ½ Lyra (not mine)

8. ½ of a second Lyra

9. Cupcake Hat

10. Fingerless Gloves in handspun

11. Fingerless Gloves for Jennifer

12. Socks for Mike

13. Millie B-day socks

14. Ozark Autumn Shawl

15. Lopi Twisted Yoke Cardigan

16. Socks in Odyssey yarn

17. Simply Leaves in Jojoland yarn

18. Nancy’s Shawl in Malabrigo

19. Autumn’s Glory Shawl in Trenna

20. Autumn’s Glory Shawl in Malabrigo

21. Autumn Leaf Pi Shawl

22. Button Wrap

23. Pumpkin Hat

24. Apple Hat

25. Crocheted Snake Scarf

26. Crocheted Snake Scarf

27. Arkansas Diamond Shawl

28. Lace Class Shawl in Ranco semi-solid

29. Scarf for Leisure Arts

30. Zigzaginess Scarf for Kathie’s b-day

31. Twisted Yoke Cardigan in Tatamy Tweed

32. Socks in Odyssey Yarn

33. Socks in Odyssey Yarn

34. Socks in Merino 5 yarn

35. Twisted Sts Vest for Michael

36. Knitted Laptop tote

37. Panda Wool Socks

38. Knitted Snake Scarf

39. Knitted Snake Scarf

40. Crazy Scarf for Amy

41. Chenille Shawl for Amy

42. Leah’s Cardi

43. Traveling Shawl in Pink yarn

44. Traveling Shawl in Jojoland yarn

45. Diagonal Cardigan

46. House Socks for Mom

47. Mock Ribbed Ascot

48. Mock Ribbed Ascot

49. Ribbed Ascot for Mom

50. Ribbed Ascot for Mike

51. Ribbed Ascot for Poppy

52. Ribbed Ascot for gift stash

53. Ribbed Ascot for gift stash

54. Ribbed Ascot for gift stash

55. “In the Pink” Shawl(minus a few edging repeats)

56. Handwoven Dishtowel

57. Handwoven Dishtowel

58. Handwoven Dishtowel

59. Handwoven Dishtowel

60. Handwoven Dishtowel

61. Handwoven Dishtowel

62. Handwoven Dishtowel

63. Handwoven Dishtowel

64. Handwoven Dishtowel

65. Handwoven Dishtowel

66. Handwoven Dishtowel

67. Flannel Hug for friend

68. One Clog for Michael

69. Socks in Jojoland Worsted Weight

70. Socks in “Socks that Rock Yarn”

71. One and 1/8th sock in Hand painted dk weight yarn

72. Socks in Knitcol yarn dk weight

73. A Ear flap hat for Parker

74. Crocheted Mary Janes for Katie

75. Crocheted Mary Janes for Bailey

76. Triangular Loom Shawl

77 . Wool knitting needle case

This list does not include my handspinning or my yarn dyeing.

Knitting Progress:
Second sock and In the Pink Shawl.

Traveling Shawl progress--It spent Christmas in Pawleys Island, SC with Dorene and her family. It is now on its way to Susanna in Alabama. Check out our blog here.


Denise~ said...

Michael only gets one clog? Come on...knit the man another! hahhaa

Amazing list!

Jackie said...

Cripes, Kay! I can't believe how many projects you completed last year! You are INSANE!!!

I wish I did as much knitting as YOU did. I'm soooo jealous!