Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Well, would you believe that I did not start a new project on New Year's Day? I was in one of those squirrelly knitting moods, where you don't have a clear idea of what project to do. I have found that it is best to just wait when you are feeling this way. It was driving me crazy that I still had not finished my "In the Pink" Shawl. I felt that I should finish that one before I cast on another lace project. I finished the last edging repeat last night and put it down as my first finished knitting in 2009! The truth is that I NEED to finish several things before I start something else--
but TOO LATE! I have spent 2 days playing with numbers on a kid's cardigan. It is a mitered cardigan made to accent a variegated yarn. I went shopping for the yarn (acrylic is perfect for this one) on New Year's Day with Cindy. I called Millie to find out what colors Emily and Sarah like (thankfully I have these two cute guinnea pigs). I finished the numbers this morning and cast on Sarah's. I love doing the number crunching for a pattern and since this one was mitered, it was a lot of fun, almost like a puzzle! This will be a pattern that I want to offer for free on Ravelry.
I have a few knitting/craft goals for 2009--
1. Finish Michael's other felted clog
2. Make Ben some felted clogs
3. Design more free patterns for Ravelry
4. Finish my two Lyra's
5. Teach Alyssa R. to weave
6. Teach my care group ladies to hand quilt
7. Teach the young knitters at church to do an afghan
8. Teach some more young girls to knit at church
9. Start my Christmas knitting in January
Right now, that should keep me busy.

Traveling Shawl progress--It is now with Susanna in Alabama. 19 States down, 31 to go! Check out our blog here. Dorene in SC got us some great PR. Check out the article here.

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Gina said...

Will you teach not young girls at church to knit? I've tried - and was told I knit "backwards" so the person trying to teach me gave up!