Monday, March 2, 2009

Pick your favorite quilt top

This is #1 This is #2. This is #3
This is #4

FYI--I used my Stitch Motif Maker 3 to do this. It is really more of a knitting program, but I have found it great to make any color work that doesn't use triangles. It is perfect for planning out Log Cabin quilt blocks. I have used this program so much. It is not without its idiosyncrasies, but since I am familiar with them, I doubt that I would switch to another. It is probably one of the best, most useful, most helpful, most needful gifts that my Michael has ever gotten me. Since I get so much use out of this, I guess I should not feel so guilty over that drum carder that is gathering dust.


Delighted Hands said...

I stick to the top one of your last post; nice clean lines.

bibliotecaria said...

I like #2.