Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quilting and A Mother's Heart....

Monday afternoon, I taught a paper piecing quilt square to some young girls from my church. I did a variation of the Log Cabin Block. Each girl had a different set of 4 fabrics and each block was so unique. It has put a big tug on my heart to make a quilt for my Ben. How could this face not tug at your heart?
I have only made one quilt and only the top of that one (that does not include the baby quilt that I am working on now). It was a quilt that I made for Ben as a graduation present. I wanted to make something for him as a memento of this occasion. I am really into that kind of thing! Ben does not wear sweaters, so knitting him something was out. I had been wanting to learn to quilt, so I jumped right into it. I have a very bad habit of doing that!
This is the quilt that I made him for his graduation. I took his butterfly and dragonfly photos and incorporated them into a quilt. I did not have the time to quilt it, so I had it quilted by a friend who does it for a living. She did a wonderful job. Her name is Marion and you can see her site here.
Ben does not necessarily need a quilt. He has a wonderful quilt. It is not just a quilt. It is a special quilt made by a special person, his GREAT Aunt Wanda Belle Meadors.
The pattern block is called Arkansas Traveler. She said that it reminded her of Ben, since every year we travel to eastern KY for the Meadors family reunion. She gave it to him when he was 9 years old. It is all hand stitched and the perfect weight for a quilt. I have borrowed it for many afternoon naps. On Feb the 13th, Aunt Wanda Belle passed away. This was Poppy's baby sister. When I heard the news, I thought of all the love and stitches that she had put into that quilt for a nine year old great-nephew. It makes this treasure that he has even more special and precious. It is a daily reminder of her love and her art of quilting. We love and miss you Aunt Wanda Belle....

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