Friday, April 17, 2009

The Butterfly Shawl

This is my Butterfly Shawl from the back. It is a substantial shawl. It will be quite warm on the cold NM nights.
Here it is from the front. I love wearing it sontag-style.
I am saying goodbye to 3 of my yarns that I dyed. These were dyed for Denise and I do not know what she will be making with them. I do know that they will be loved and knitted with love.
I will be keeping the green/turquoise one in the middle. It is destined to be this shawl. It is called Gail aka Nightsong. It reminds me of Peacock feathers, so this color will be perfect for it. I am off to finish the binding on a small lap quilt.


K said...

That turquiose shawl will be beautiful. The butterfly shawl looks so cozy. Can you all do lunch tomorrow?

Denise~ said...

The photos do NOT do justice to the depth of color in these skeins! They are incredible and I'm one lucky knitter who gets to fondle them and decide what they'll become.
Thank you so very much!!!!!