Friday, May 29, 2009

Weaving and Gail/Nightsong Shawl

I love the way this shawl blocked. This is the Gail/Nightsong Shawl for Mary Kathleen. I think she will be thrilled with it. I wish I could say that this was my design, but it is not. I think it is one of the most beautiful shawls that I have ever seen or knit. I am working on my silk one now.

Yesterday was Alyssa first warping lesson. I hooked her on weaving first, then introduced her to warping a loom. It took us all day to wind the warp and thread the reed and heddles. I am now convinced that you ALWAYS need to have two weavers to warp a loom. Her first warp chain.
Her first floor loom.Introduction to untangling and the "school of hard knots". She passed with flying colors.
I think the girl is hooked. We started the day with crunching numbers for her dishtowels. Made 2 trips to the local Hobby Lobby for more red and green thread. Dug through my stash for other project ideas. We warped 6 yards of 458 ends of 8/2 cotton. She wants to do her kitchen in apples, so the red and green will look great. Next week she will come over and we will finish winding the warp onto the back beam. We will warp one of my looms for rugs in overshot. She is going to make a great weaver.
Traveling Shawl progress--It is now been to Idaho and is now on its way to WY . This will be our 43rd state! Check out our blog here. We got featured in another article, this time in Salt Lake Tribune. Check it out here.


Delighted Hands said...

How exciting-I am the new owner of a brand new loom and pretty much a newborn weaver, too! I am a voracious reader so that helps! Love how your shawl turned out-amazingly beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Yes, she is definitely hooked. She came home with big plans for her next SEVERAL projects. Ha! I told her to finish one first. :)

boo4baby said...

Kay, I love the one for Mary Kathleen! Beautiful! I wish I had known you give lessons! I would have had my Leah over there a long time ago! I pray you never have trouble with your hands!

Denise~ said...

Oh my I do LOVE the Gail! Utterly gorgeous in that colorway!