Monday, June 1, 2009

Dyeing with friends

There are certain crafts that are more fun and more productive with friends. I found that out last week when Alyssa and I warped and wove together. The young weaving student does get your juices to weave bubbling. The same with last Sat....Lisa (a dyeing newbie) and Cindy (an old hand at it) came over for a dyeing good time.
This was some chunky wool that Lisa dyed.
Here was some roving and alpaca sock weight that she painted.
This was some roving that Cindy did. We have a spin date set for tonight, so we will get to see how this looks spun up.
This was some alpaca that was a tan color. She had bought a couple of bags of this and had already made a vest in some of it. She wanted to change the color for another project. We overdyed it with terracotta.
This is some worsted weight wool that I painted for a Simple Colorplay shawl. It is being sent to a friend who right now has a hectic life. She longs to knit, but she only has time for knitting that can be done on auto-pilot knitting, so I am sending her a warm hug of yarn and my Simply Colorplay Shawl pattern.
Does the shawl next to the pan of yarn look familiar? That is my Gail that I made for Mary Kathleen. The yarn in the tub is the same yarn, but I overdyed it with a dark red. It looks like shades of deep, rich wines. It is destined to be another Gail. I just did not want someone else having one exactly like Mary Kathleen's. I love this yarn. It was meant for another Gail Shawl.
I will use plum iridescent beads on this one.
I sat down this morning and made a list of WIP/UFO (works in progress/unfinished objects). I am trying to finish up some projects and destash and organize my MESS!
I have an 8-harness table loom with stand, a knitting machine, a drum carder and tons of yarn that I will be getting rid of soon. I want to be able to get in my loom room and find stuff. I am sorting stuff today.
I have Lisa and Cindy coming over tonight to spin. I will set up my tri loom and finish the shawl on it. I want to be able to break that loom down and get it out of the way. It takes up half the loom room floor space. I will send it home with Sue (one of my other fiber buddies) to live with her awhile. It will be safe, out of my way, and enjoyed.
This week, I need to work on my heart quilt, finish warping the looms with Alyssa, organize my loom room, finish the crocheted yokes on the little girl dresses, etc.....
Traveling Shawl progress--It is now been to Idaho and is now on its way to WY . This will be our 43rd state! Check out our blog here.

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Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful dyeing results! So nice to have a wonderful 'to-do' list like this one!