Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Must finish, must finish....

I am feeling the need to tie up loose projects. I made a list and am methodically marking things off. Today, I finished another strip on my Heart Quilt. I am trying to do a strip every other day. Thankfully, every other block is a solid. I have 3 strips so far. This is done on a paper foundation and then the paper is torn away. This is the only way that I can get precise corners. I love the pink. I have to stay ahead of Gail (my student).
I am trying to finish attaching the body to Zoe's Jane Austin Yoke. I have the material for Sarah's and Emily's in the dryer.
I am doing a row or two on my Tri Loom shawl here and there.
Last night, I finished a lace Table Runner for a young couple who is getting married later this month.
Here is a photo of my Gail Shawl in my finger weight silk that I bought from Fiber Chicks Yarn store in Old Town Albuquerque, NM.

It is a lot lovelier than the photo. The greens are more visible than in the picture.
I lack 30 rows on my Scribble Lace Wrap.
I need to finish that for a banquet next week. Nancy finished hers and blocked it and it made me want to finish mine. The ribbon yarn is russet colors and the thin rayon is cordovan. Very striking.
Remember my Noro yarn that I bought in Dallas on vacation? I started a swatch last night with it. I have always wanted to get some of this yarn. The color changing is so unique. I salivate over every project that I see made with it, does NOT meet my expectations. Thus my desire for Noro is no more. This is the nastiest feeling yarn. It is highly over rated and over priced and I feel that it is a GREAT BIG rip off. I will finish the project that I am making with this yarn, but it does not make it an enjoyable knit and the pattern that I am knitting with it is gorgeous. It may soften up once I wash and block it, but I am no longer a Noro fan. There are too many other yarns out that give you great color change, are reasonably priced and feel nicer to work with. Thank you very much, but I will stick to my beloved Jojoland Melody and Rhythm!


boo4baby said...

I love, love, love these pictures! The table runner looks beautiful! Thanks for the yarn. I am working on hats this afternoon. I have 100 to make by Thanksgiving to send to Christy. Did you know they were for the little Indian children Christy works with at BABR? There is not youth tonight, so I won't be there, but I can come by and get it from you anytime. Thanks for thinking of me! One more thing....I want to learn to quilt. Can you teach me and the girls?

Delighted Hands said...

Love the quilt......and the new shawl is just stunning! (Sorry you didn't like the Noro, I didn't either, but it is out of your system now at any rate!)

issy said...

If that is Noro Kureyon sock yarn, then yes it IS awfully scratchy.Before blocking you can soak it in a good quality hair conditioner--for a LONG time. It will help a lot. The Silk Garden sock is much softer. Still wouldn't use either one for socks though!

Grace said...

the quilt is fabulous and a lace table runner how very sweet!