Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Day of June.....sigh............

Where has 1/2 of this year gone to? They say that the older you get the faster time goes by. Why? What brainiac came up with that and show me the proof!!! If this is true, then I must be at least 75 going on 100!
I think it has to do with how busy you are. The busier you are, the less conscious you are of how much time you are burning up. I guess that would mean that I am TOO busy. I am trying SO hard to slow down.
I am not one of these people who handles stress very well. I don't multitask very well. If I need to, I get things done, but I pay the price in my inability to focus mentally. When I am stressed, I knit. The knit and purl rhythm soothes my fractured mental inabilities. It makes me feel as if I am accomplishing, at least, something.
I am making myself step back this week and focus on a small picture. I have too many projects on needles and I am slowly working on finishing several before I LET myself do something else.
After I designed my Sweet Little Nothing, I could not help but shrink it for sweet little girls. Here is one that I finished Sat night. It took less than 200 yards of worsted weight cotton. I'm working on finishing this one to wear on Sunday. It is a pinkish/coralish/rose colored cotton.I'm, also, working on finishing a short sleeved cotton summer sweater. It called Hey Teach. I tried to find some fabric for a skirt today, but didn't. I have the back almost done, one sleeve and the left front. This will be my night time knitting once I finish the above Sweet Little Nothing. And when I need a lace and bead and silk fix, I will work on my silk Gail. I am trying to make myself agree to that!
Tomorrow, a fiber buddy, Sue is coming over to dye with me. I may just supervise her and show her what I know. Sometimes, it is just fun to watch another person have fun with color.

Traveling Shawl progress--It has been to Nebraska and is now on its way to Iowa. This will be our 48th state! That means only 2 more to go and then it will make it way back to Arkansas. We had another article published. Check it out here. Check out our blog here.

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Delighted Hands said...

Focused knitting is good but sometimes we are frenetic-soon you will have a basket of FO's! Beautiful all......