Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How did you celebrate the 4th?

Our 4th of July long weekend started out with what I thought was a hot flash in the wee hours of Friday. It turned out to be the capacitor on our AC. We had planned on doing a day trip that day, but ended up staying home and cooking out with Poppy and Ben's girl, Grace. We grilled burgers, I made dinner theater green beans, baked beans, hashbrown casserole and eclair cake for dessert.
We sat around with full stomachs and watched an old John Wayne western.
I was just adding the button band on my Hey Teach and realized that something looked off. To my horror, I had made one front 6 rows, 1 inch, shorter than the other front! I was in shock! I tried it on to see if it was that noticeable and could have cried! For Pete's sake, I already had the sleeves sewn in and all the yarn ends woven. I calmed down and made myself not hurl it into the corner. I ripped both front bands out, ripped out the neck ribbing, one shoulder seam and 1/2 of the sleeve seam on that side. Ripped to the problem and worked it back up. It took me several hours to fix the problem, but I am thrilled to say that I got it done.
Saturday, we took a little day trip. We had planned on going to Ponca and do a little hiking. We went by way of I-40 to Russellville. I got to visit a yarn store there that I had been dying to go to. It is called Knit 2 Together. It was a great yarn store on Main Street in one of the old store fronts. They had some buttons that I really wanted for some designs.I bought some lovely dk weight Bamboo yarn. It is very soft. Here is pic of a project started with it.Last week, I finished a couple of projects.
I added binding to this simple quilt that I had made.
I finished my Provencial Rose, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Sweet Little Nothing. I started another one and finished it last night. This one is for Lindsay my hair dresser.
I finished all but the last row on my Dianna Shawl. I ran out of yarn and am trying to decide how to finish it without buying another ball of this ugly, too vivid, scratchier than a bunch of hay, way over priced yarn. I will find a way....I am quite good at making a silk purse out of a sows ear.This picture is for Alyssa and Delighted Hands. I am doing an overshot rug on my favorite loom. I am using worsted weight cotton in a yummy pistachio green and weaving with chocolate brown rug warp. I adore overshot weaving. It is so easy and yet looks so hard. I have this loom warped for 4 rugs. I will weave 2 and then loan it to Alyssa to weave the last 2. This will be her lesson in overshot. I know she will love it!
Traveling Shawl progress--It has been to Iowa and is now on its way to MN. This will be our 49th state! That means only WI to go and then it will make it way back to Arkansas. It feels surreal. I feel as if OUR BABY IS ALL GROWN UP. I could not visualize this last year when I mailed it to Fleegle. We had only a few states for sure and we just started by faith, hoping that it would all come together. I have a great big lump in my throat.
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