Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm on a roll.................

I have been smokin' hot!!!! I have lots of finished projects to show you.
I finished my Noro Dianna. I ran out of yarn and did not have enough to do the last leaf square and the triangles across the top. I had some yarn that was VERY similar in construction to the Noro. It was a single rusticish kind of wool yarn. I dyed some olive green and finish the shawl. Yea!!!! You can only tell that I used a different yarn because I told you!
I blocked my In the Pink Shawl that I had finished on January 2nd of this year. This one looks like a piece of art. I could just hang it on the wall and enjoy the movement of the design and the change of the colors. She's a real beauty.
I finished grafting the two halves of my Lavender Fields Shawl together and blocked it.
I felt so great about getting that finished that I dragged out Cindy's Twisted Yoke Cardigan and finished the little bit that I lacked on it. I was sweating bullets towards the end of this one. When I finished it, I only had 3 yards of yarn remaining. That was too close for comfort.
I feel so good about getting finished with so many projects that were almost finished. I feel lighter somehow. I have a pile of empty needles. I hope to not fill them until I empty some more.
I am diligently working on my silk Gail. I am on the 6th tier of the shawl and lack two more plus the edging. For my brainless knitting, I am enjoying my dk weight bamboo triangular shawl.


Jennifer said...

Better have Mike hide those needles until you finish some more projects... just to be safe. :) Ha ha! Congrats on getting so many projects done! I know that has to make you feel great! :)

boo4baby said...

You inspire me, girl! Can we schedule some quilting lessons in August? I miss seeing you! Great pictures and I think all of your work could just be hung on the wall and admired! You are truly gifted!

Delighted Hands said...

I love it when I can finish up like that! Each project was the shawls!

Gina said...

Beautiful, Kay! Your "In the Pink" shawl reminds me of a phoenix the way it's laid out and the color movement.

Heather Pelczar said...

I love that in the pink shawl. What a beautiful construction! That yarn is fabulous, too. Yours?