Friday, October 2, 2009

Update on the Shawl, life and fabric acquisitions

The Shawl arrived back in AR at a extremely busy time for me. I had 3 items that I had to get done in a very short amount of time….so, I put the Shawl in a lovely hand made basket and ignored it.
I finished my projects and when I went to work on the Shawl…imagine my surprise when I noticed it was kind of blue.
alt text
This Shawl had been to so many wonderful places and seen such fun with so many of our knitters, only to come home to being ignored. I knew that blue would not do!
I took her to Silver Dollar City. Here is my weaver friend, Donna, holding her.
alt text
Here I am getting in a few rows while there.
alt text
This week I took her back to her birth place. The place where her lovely smoky pink color of yarn came from. I called Glenn/knitngrin, to meet me. She was with me when I pick the yarn out for her.
alt text
alt text
She is now all finished and blocked. I blocked her with the lifelines in. I cannot tell you how hard it was to take out the lifelines. I will keep them at a memento, yes, I am a sentimental jerk.
alt text
You want to hear something weird? The bracelets, that were sent out for the Komen Race here in AR, are the exactly smoky shade of pink as the Shawl. Absolutely lovely!
The Shawl just returned from Leisure Arts having a photo session for an article.
The drawing will be held October 8, 2009. We will announce the winner of the drawing to own the shawl. Each $5 donation counts as an entry in the drawing, and there is still time to donate to Komen's Passionately Pink for the Cure and get entered into the drawing.
Check out our blog.
Now for the fabric acquisition part.....
I hope to make lap quilts for my great nieces and nephews. The funnest part of this is the acquiring of fabric. Here is photo of the fabric for BaileyFor KatieFor Ty
I still have to find the perfect theme fabric for Parker.
I hope I get these made in time. The ones for Parker and Ty will be easier, since I am using flannel for both of theirs, but the girls will be harder. You know how I adore making stuff for little girls! Here is my collection of batik fat quarters.
Fabric Acquisition is soooooooo much fun!


Jennifer said...

I was telling Alyssa today that I think you enjoy "the hunt" as much as (or maybe more than?) the actual making of the quilts. Ha ha! :) And you're right. That Thomas the Tank Engine fabric is adorable! :)

boo4baby said...

Love what you are doing! I always get excited when I see that you have a new post........and I check everyday. Hope you are doing well. How's Poppy?

Delighted Hands said...

The shawl has such a lovely story. Hope the auction goes well. Nice fabrics for the quilts-enjoy!