Friday, October 9, 2009

Computers and the death of one

Last Friday, little did I know that my computer was about to use up the last of it's 9 lives. I knew that it had been acting even weirder than usual. The screen had been flickering and the fan motor groaning louder for the last 2 days. I had been feverishly trying to get all the Traveling Shawl Journal entries put into a word doc for all our Traveling Shawl knitters. I finished Friday afternoon. When Ben came home, I had him put ALL my documents on my thumb drive, just in case. Boy, that was a blessing!
I knew she was dying a slow and agonizing death, but I was hoping for slower. In preparation for having to pay for a new computer (all my friends know how frugal I am), I had been trying to sell some of my unused craft thingies to help pay for most of it. Thankfully, I had sold my drum carder last week.
Michael and Ben had fun picking all the components for our new system. Michael's job was to keep Ben from putting together a system overloaded with things that we did not need and would not send Frugal Mom over the edge!
Here they are putting it together....
And here it is! The big flat screen takes up so much less space than the huge old one. I love it!It is so great to have my own GEEK SQUAD!


Mary in AR said...

Cute orange Mouse!

Delighted Hands said...

Glad you have the new system installed so easily (for you!) and that you were able to save the important stuff from the old!