Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where did October go?

Yeesh! Where did October go? Life has become too fast paced for me. Honestly, I do not feel as if I have accomplished any one thing this month. I think it is because I have too many works in progress.
I pulled out my trusty, little book that I list all my completed project in. It says that I have completed two pairs of sock this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all........................

In my defense I will say, I have a woven chenille shawl that I will take off the loom today, an Elizabeth Zimmerman Adult Surprise Jacket that is almost 85% finished, a Rambling Rows Cardigan that needs a few more rows on the sleeve for Zoe, two more socks that need mates, a few strips completed on Bailey's quilt for Christmas, and half of a remake of my Note of Lyra, using Raisin Knitpicks Gloss lace weight yarn.
November will be the recipient of these finished projects.
Today, I hope to get all the pieces cut out for Katie's quilt.Last weekend, I took a day trip back to SDC. I needed one more day to play with Donna at the Craftman's Festival. I spent the day playing with Donna's antique sock knitting machine. Last time I was up there with her, I got the desire to own one. They are definitely hard to find and very expensive. This time, I got to play on it. Here are some photos of the machine and my booboos.
Three socks tries later, my desire for one of these blasted machines is gone! It was a frustrating day. I will stick to my double pointed needles, thank you very much!
Off to work on Katie's quilt.

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Delighted Hands said...

Aren't you glad you got to try one of the sock machines before sinking any $ into it!! The socks are nice and yes, you have invested in a ton of FO's for next month!