Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quilting and knitting, what else?

Sometimes no matter how much you accomplish, you feel as if you have accomplished nothing. That just really means that you have too many things to accomplish. I have been trying to finish some lap quilts for my great-nieces and great-nephews for Christmas. At this point, I am wondering what possessed me to do this. I am quilting these on my sewing machine (no hand quilting for me). These will be my learning quilts, but they will convey my love and hugs even if they are not perfect.
Two of the quilts are flannel. This one is for Parker. It is a simple quilt with bright colors. I adore flannel. I hope to make a flannel one for me after Christmas.
This one is Ty's. He is 3 and adores Thomas the Tank. That was good for me. It made it really simple to construct. It is flannel, too.
Here is another gift bag that I made. It will hold some luscious chocolate.
Here is my latest knitting obsession. It is a Lacy Leaf Yoked Cardigan. This one is a size small and made in TLC Cotton Plus. I love this yarn. It makes a great non-wool garment. It will be going home to live with Teresa Ingram.

I am making me one in Patons wool, in the color Cognac Heather. I hope to finish it this weekend. I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving weekend/holiday. I am almost giddy. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.
Last night, we had our Thanksgiving service at church and it always prepares my heart. It is an informal service, where our congregation has an opportunity to stand and say what God has done for them this year. It is a great affirmation of the goodness of God in the lives of others in our body.
It is nice and nippy here in AR, perfect weather for this time of year. The leaves are still changing on a few of the trees and the ground under the rest is littered with the ones that have already fallen, the air smells of woodburning fires at night. All that it needs to complete the perfectness is to have the smell of turkey and dressing in the air. Can you tell that I am feeling kind of sappy today?
Thankfuls--I have so many things to be thankful for this year. Poppy seems to be doing real well in his health, that is a great blessing considering that we nearly lost him in August. Ben is almost through another semester of college. What can I say, but that I have my Michael by my side.... I am so blessed.


Delighted Hands said...

It is good we have our 'festival' days to give us pause for thanksgiving. The red sweater is utter perfection-great job knitting and designing!

boo4baby said...

Absolutely beautiful sweater, Kay! I thank God for you and the creativity He gave you. You inspire me, girl!