Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finished with 10 and over!

I have been a busy girl. I am so glad that I made myself this challenge. At first, it was really hard. I wanted so bad to start something new, but I waited myself out and I am loving the results. Here is number 6. These are for Gracelyn. Her mom wanted a certain hat made and I decided that she needed shoes to match the hat. Here are the hats. They are number 7 and 8. I wasn't sure on the size, so I made 2 sizes. Here is number 9. I had done this cardigan with frog closures and then I had made a smaller sized one for Cindy. I liked the buttons so much better, so I took off the frog closures and reknit the bands to incorporate button loops for these cool buttons.
Here it is with frog closures.Here is Cindy's with the button loops and buttons.Here it is with buttons. It looks so much better to me.
Here is number 10. It is the smaller version of my Notes of Lyra.
Here is number 11. I had finished this shawl in December and needed to block it. It is another Gail/Nightsong. It is made with a bamboo sock yarn. Really soft.
Here is number 12. I had woven this shawl last year, but had a spot where I needed to fix a few rows that I had a booboo on. I fix the 3 rows and sewed it together to make it a shoulder drape. I have shown 2 ways that it can be worn. I wove this on a four harness loom at 12 dents per inch, using a 1200 ypp rayon boucle and then weaving it with 2000 ypp rayon chenille. The rayon makes these shawls have such wonderful drape and sheen.
I still have many more things on my list to finish. I have decided to challenge myself to finish something on the list before I start any new project. This will keep me from jumping into too many projects again. This does not mean that I can start 12 new project. It would be so easy to do so. I have lots of new yarn to play with, but I am taking it slow.
Right now, I would love to start work on a Baby Surprise Jacket for Gracelyn, but I am waiting on Summer to get me her chest measurement. So until I get that, I have decided to work on a design that has been bubbling in my mind for a month. I am using Lamb Pride Bulky and it is using Twisted Stitches. I can't wait to show you. It is a reminiscent of my Twisted Yoke Cardigan, but more along the lines of a vest. I have the swatch done and the cable charted out.
I think that it was a great idea to finish at least 10 of my WIPs. I may make this a yearly challenge, if the Lord tarries.
Happy Knitting, I know I am!


Jennifer said...

According to my calendar, today is only the 12th day of the new year and you've already finished TEN PROJECTS? I'm going to go repent now of my jealousy...

Delighted Hands said...

Great progres-I love to finish up old projects that are languishing in the month of January, too. You have hit the floor running! Beautiful results.

MamaLezlie said...

The matching hat and booties are SO sweet!