Monday, January 18, 2010

Still finishing projects

I finished several more projects. I am through with edging on my smaller version of my Love Affair in Lace. I just need to block it. The smaller version is a rich deep pink.I finished these for Reagan, Candy and Eric little baby girl.I am working on 2 new projects. I am doing a sleeveless cardigan in Lamb's Pride Bulky. It will have a twisted cable design on the yoke, like my Twisted Yoke Cardigan.
Design is all about knit, tweak, rip, knit tweak some more, knit. I am on the body part, so it is look good. Here is a little sample of it.
The other project is a pair of fingerless gloves. I made my son's girlfriend, Grace, a pair for Christmas and really loved them and the fit of them. I had to wait until I finished another project before I started them. They are my portable project, since my sleeveless cardigan has grown to the cumbersome stage.
Once I finish something else, I hope to start a Baby Surprise Jacket for Gracelyn. It is hard to hold myself back from starting about 10 new projects. I have a list longer than my arm of projects I want to knit/crochet this year.
Here are a few:
Another Adult Surprise Jacket
A Rambling Rows Jacket
A Lace Yoked Cardigan, for Grace's b-day in March
A Baby Surprise Jacket for Wayne and Michele's little boy.
A shawl for some workshops that I am going to be doing this year.
A bunch of the designs for my Twisted Sts Book.
A baby shoes book
A shrug book
A knitted Christening gown book
Those are just off the top of my head. That does not included the quilts that I want to make.
I have a flannel snowman one for myself, I love flannel.
One for some missionaries, Ben's for his 21st b-day, one with a leaf theme, one made in batiks........
That doesn't include my weaving, either.............
I wish sleep was not a necessity.

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Delighted Hands said...

Wow, that list has a lot of books! I love the shawl, it is beautiful-unique and a nice balance of plain/fancy stitches. Nice post!