Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another 1 1/2 lbs bites the dust!

Well, I did better than I thought I would on my weigh-in. I lost another 1 1/2 lbs. I was going to be thrilled with a no-gain/no-loss week. That makes me at 15 lbs! I can really tell the difference. I am actually wearing some of my former clothes. Yes, they are a little snug still, but I will continue to work on that.
I have 6 weeks until my big 50th b-day, so I don't really think that I will be able to lose the other 10 by then, but I am okay with the steady progress.
I have not been able to do my daily walk, because of some health issues. I look forward to getting back into the routine of being able to do that again.


Delighted Hands said...

I have dropped 12 lbs (that makes it sound like it wasn't work and they pounds just fell away but they DID not!)since Jan 1 and I sure notice the difference-Congratulations to you on the 15lbs gone! You can make a lot of progress in 6 weeks until the big day!

linda said...

Hi Kay:

Thank you for taking time and coming to the farm. You are such a sweet and giving person.

I LOVE the bead knitting you taught us.

I look forward to seeing you again at Silver Dollar City.

Tell the boys (Mike and Ben), Don and I said Hi.

Hope all your health problems are getting better.

Your friend


boo4baby said...

You go, girl! Congrats on your continued weight loss! I didn't go this week, but hope to lose next week. Love the booties!