Monday, June 14, 2010

St Clair and St Louis

I found a little spot of heaven on earth this weekend. I got the opportunity to go visit Linda and Donna in St Clair, MO, at Linda's farm. She has this cabin from pioneer days that they rebuilt on their land. Here is the view from the back porch into their pasture.
Here is Linda on the back porch with Spinner, the dog.
Here is the front of the cabin
Here is a view of the front and her garden. See the flax that she is growing?
Here is Don, Linda's husband, trying to scare us with a Black Rat snake that he found in the yard. Linda sent me home with two jars of REAL maple syrup from the trees on her daughter's farm and some apple butter and squash relish. I think I need to go and live with her for a month or more. I love this place. It was so peaceful.
I took workshop materials to teach the girls how to knit with beads. They both seemed to enjoy the class and I think their bead stash will now start to grow, too.
I got a bunch of knitting done on the road! Friday, I finished my colorful, Spring version of my Larkrise to Candleford Shawl. Donna and Linda both got a chance to try it on and they both want to knit one. Sat night, I finished my latest Cindy Lou Shrug. It is made with Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. It fits nicely. I cast on another one in some King Tut Cotton, in a creamy mocho cotton. This time, I plan on making it a wee bit longer in the body. I am please with the fit and looks, though.
If you know St Louis, then you also know that they are known for their Italian food on The Hill. We went to several. Actually, every meal that we ate was Italian. My favorites were Roberto's and Cunneto's. If I had to choose between the two, I couldn't. We visited several of their neighborhood markets. I really wish that I could have brought home some of the Italian meats and cheeses. I did buy some canned roma tomatoes for sauce, a loaf of bread and a template for making ravioli.
Ben bought several chocolates for making truffles.
I had the best Latte I have ever had at Shaw's coffee on the Hill. It not only tasted great, but it was a work of art!
The guys had a REAL pot of tea at the London Tea Room. I prefer my tea on ice. I am truly a southern girl.
I can tell you that it was very hard to be diligent on my Weight Watchers diet under such temptation. Tomorrow will tell on me. I will let you know!


Delighted Hands said...

Nice post-I love the farm, too. Peaceful is good for your creativity! The shrug is so sweet-I would definitely make a longer version for my age , tho!

Heather Pelczar said...

I love that spring shawl. All that food sounded fantastic. I want go visit that cabin. Don't know if I would want to live in one permanently, but I would love to learn how to cook and can all that stuff.