Friday, June 25, 2010

No pain, but some gain....

I didn't get to my WW meeting this week. I was still under the "do not drive for 24 hrs" rule of outpatient surgery. Nothing serious, but just being a good patient and listening to the chastisement of my friend, Kathie. All my nursing friends warned me that I would reflect a weight gain from all the IV fluids and I did (3 lbs) on my home scales. It has since gone. I will let you know next week the new weigh-in.
I have spent most of the week catching up on a few designs and adding a few more to the list.
These are my CrissCross Button-Up Booties. I thought adding all the cute different button colors and shapes was icing on the cuteness cake!
Here is the perfect box for the next cute pair. I sent these to one of my best friends for the new addition to her family.
I do believe they are better than real chocolate! Yummy!
Here is a set that I showed you earlier. Michael went with me to pick out buttons and ribbon for the set. He said he wanted designer credit, so there it is. The pansy buttons are perfect with the purple gingham ribbon!
Here are my Ballerina Slippers. I love the ribbon I found. I am ordering some light pink and redoing them in more of a ballerina color.
Here is another Cindy Lou in King Tut Cotton. This was a remake to tweak the pattern. I love this cotton. It was really nice to knit with.
Lastly, here are two photos of my latest design. It is a Leaf Yoke Cardi Vest. It is knit from the neck down and is a sleeveless vest. This one is for Millie. She gave me this Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride wool, so I am using it to make her a leaf themed cardi vest.
Here is the one in my size. I love the colorful flecks in this yarn. I can already tell that this will be a favorite to wear. It has all the "Kay" colors that I dearly love!
Oops, I forgot about this one. This is some new yarn that I got in. It will be a shawl that I plan on teaching in the fall, hopefully in Seattle. This will be my workshop model. It is Handmaiden Mini Maiden. It is a single spun 50/50 wool silk. I found some perfect beads at Argenta Beads to compliment it.


Delighted Hands said...

Wow, there is some great 'yarning' going on here! Love the new sweaters.

besnini said...

I absolutely love the button shoes...adorable!!! and the pansy cardigan is precious.

Yay for you for following orders and staying down when you needed too :) I'm proud of you.

Dawn said...

You do such wonderful work! I love seeing what you do...I should keep up with your blog more often! Going into stylish booties is a great niche. Very unique and something that catches the eyes of us young mothers!

I pulled out the ladybug set you made for Eden to try it on her. I fear that the booties will not fit by the time the weather turns cool! :-( The sweater will most likely still fit, but might be on the verge of being too small. Who knew Eden would be such a healthy her brother Elijah. ;-) I'll try it on her several times over the summer; and if it starts to be too small, I'll take a photo for you to make sure you get a proper thank you!