Friday, September 10, 2010

Two More Released and a new Shawl in the works

I am on a roll. Leaf Yoke Cardi/Vest is up on Ravelry. You can get it here.
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I just released my Bulky Entrelac Pillow. This is a fairly quick project. It takes a little less than 300 yards of bulky weight yarn or you can make it using worsted weight yarn, doubled (600 yards). You can get it here.

It would be a great introduction to entrelac, if you have never tried it.
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I love Lambs Pride Bulky and this is a perfect project for it.
The brown is made using two strands of worsted held together. I wanted to see if this would work as a choice. It is NOT Lambs Pride Worsted, just a generic worsted weight yarn.
The Front is made in entrelac, with sts picked and worked out in the round. These sts are then bound off to the last side and these are worked up for the back. This way there are only 3 sides to sew up, instead of 4.
The Back has one larger single leaf.
I like the brown one, as far as color, but I did not have any Lambs pride in Brown. Besides, the ecru one shows the sts better in photography.

I have a new shawl pattern that I am working on, too.
It is called my Seasons Of Life Shawl. It is in celebration of my big 50 b-day this year. My Michael, teasingly calls it my Change-Of-Life Shawl. He keeps me laughing.

Hey Mae, recognize the necklace and earrings that you fixed for me? Love them! Thank you so much.


boo4baby said...

Absolutely beautiful work, Kay! Keep it up! Maybe it will keep you sane, right? Love ya!

Delighted Hands said...

Wow, the shawl turned out beautifully; the silk will make the drape and feel of the shawl a delight every time you wear it! This is going to be your best decade yet, you wait and see!