Monday, October 11, 2010

So much time has passed.....

So much time has passed since my last post, that I have had to drag out my knitting journal to see what I have worked on since then. I have finished many, many things and went right on to the next design. I will try to recap what I have finished and catch you up on what I am currently working on. I know that I had just finished knitting my Seasons of Life Shawl, so I will pick up from there.
I finished my Twilight Sonata in my DIC Starry yarn that Vicki sent me for my b-day.I finished my Two-Colored Shrug that I started on vacation.
I finished my Seasons Of Life Shawl in the diamond version. This is some yarn that my buddy Donna gave me when I was at the Fall Festival at Silver Dollar City last month. It is a finger weight silk noil. I used some metallic turquoise beads in it. It is one of my favorite shawls that I have made this year. I love this color. It looks wonderful with jeans and a brown top.
I finished a Twilight Sonata in some handpainted yarn, using a lovely red garnet seed bead on it. I sent it off to a dear friend who needed a hug.
I finished a Seasons of Life in my Schaefer Aubry in the Julia Childs colorway. This yarn was a b-day gift from my bff Cindy. It is rich rust, brown and mocha. I used a copper iridescent bead on it. Then I finished a shawl that I plan on using as a workshop shawl. I had one, but it was triangular in shape and beginning knitters were having a hard time keeping the center spine stitch straight, so I decided to eliminate the center stitch. I think this one will be lovelier. It is crescent shaped.
I am calling it my Learning Lace Workshop Shawl.
I designed a new scarf. I love this scarf. It is so cute and perfect for a child. I call it my Millie Caterpillie Scarf. It's head/tail acts as mittens for the child's hands. It, also, helps them work as a puppet scarf. I used 3 buttons on the eyes, going from large to medium to small, to give a dimensional effect. I have two precious great nephews who are going to be having one of these wrapped under the tree for Christmas. I even wrote a poem for it.

Millie Caterpillie, I know it sounds so silly,
But I can’t tell, I can’t see,
Are my eyes tricking me?
Which end is heading east or west?
Or is it north or south?
Which end is head, which end is tail?
Which end is your mouth?
Which ones are hands?
Are they all feet?
The birds can’t tell which end to eat!

I, also, finished 3 socks, but they are not really special, so I will spare you pics of them.
I am currently knitting several more shawls and working on a new kid's design called, O' Tannenbaum. I can't wait to finish it and show you.


boo4baby said...

I was wondering when you would come back out to write. I have been checking your blog daily. Loved seeing what you've been working on, but really enjoyed seeing you at SDC this weekend! Happy knitting to you!

boo4baby said...

By the way, I meant to tell you how SKINNY you look in these pictures! Have you reached your goal weight? Sure look good!

Delighted Hands said...

Well, you might not have been posting but you sure have been knitting! Just beautiful shawls fav is the turquoise one-it really looks lovely on you!