Thursday, October 14, 2010

A little birthday story

You all know what Michael did for my 50th b-day. You know, the Miata for a day. What you don't know is the history behind it.
Michael and I were married for 6 years before we decided to start our family. We had several friends who could not conceive and we saw first hand what a strain it was on their marriage. We decided that if God wanted us to have children we would and if it was not to be, then we would do something crazy like buy a little sports car.
Ever since I first laid eyes on a Miata, I was smitten. I have loved those things for a long time. When Michael drove up in that one on my b-day, I almost croaked. My relief was great when I found out that it was only borrowed. What could be better than getting to enjoy one for a day without having to pay for it?
As far back as my 30's, I joked to Michael that for my 50th b-day, I wanted a Miata, one that was British Racing Green with tan leather interior and a tan top (I had never seen the Mahogany Mica color). When you are in you early 30's, 50 seems like a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnng ways away. In your 30's , it is unobtainable. But in your 30's, you think that by 50 it could happen. 50 Comes with realities, the reality that it is a silly luxury, that you are too practical, that things that you wanted at that young age are not what you wanted now, that you don't want to look like a midlife crisis.
The truth is that I was hooked from the minute the wind started blowing thru my hair on the way to Tazikis.
I was so content with that my b-day ride, there was nothing that Michael could buy that would compare to that, nothing!
Little did I know that Michael was smitten, too.
After much dragging me along, we decided to take money that we would have spent on a cruise and money from the sale of his motorcycle and money from the sale of a spare loom and find us our dream car. The cruise would only last a week and I was having health issues that would have made that impossible this year, I never did like him being on a motorcycle and I was NEVER going to ride with him on that thing (I think I would have went in debt to have him off that thing), and I didn't need another loom.
So we found us our little silly luxury, that is not real practical, and may look like a midlife crisis.
But we are having our lovely crisis together and loving every minute of it!
I still cannot wipe the smile off of my face when I am riding in this sweet little set of wheels!My lovely friend, Vicki, bought me this yarn for my b-day. I was thrilled that it was the color of my b-day ride Miata. I knew that every time I wore it, I would think of that ride and enjoy it all over again. Thank you, Vicki.
Just a little story.


Delighted Hands said...

I totally get it! So happy for you and enjoy that silly grin-it has taken a long time to get to 50 so enjoy! Very happy for you!

SSK* said...

Darn! You left out the part about your favorite person in Wichita test-driving one you saw on the internet!

Mary in AR said...

Wowsers! Congrats and happy driving!

Chery said...

A wonderful little story. I love it that the yarn matches.

boo4baby said...

Love that story, Kay! What fun!

Lost City Denise said...

That's a sweet story and a sweet ride!

Love the color you chose - very Kay!

patriceod said...

Love this! So great to see you last week!