Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miata Magic and Madness

Saturday was officially our first Miata day drive. We had planned a trip with our Miata club to drive to Mountain View and meet for lunch. This was the same weekend that the Mountain View Guild was hosting the Sheep To Shawl competition. I love killing 2 birds with one stone! It was not meant to be. A cousin lost her MIL and we felt that we needed to be with them for the funeral, which was Sat morning. So instead following the funeral, we drove to Russellville and visited the wonderful yarn store, Knit 2 Together. If you ever are close by, you must visit them. It is a really lovely shop with a great selection of yarn. I have only one big complaint, it is too far away for me. I guess that is a good thing. If it were here, I would be there way too often. Which means, my yarn stash would grow even more and my bank account even less.
Then we put the top down on the Miata and drove the back roads of Hwy 7 with the wind in our hair.
We came across another little treasure, too. It was a quilt shop called Hickory Hill Quilts and sewing center. They had a jaw-dropping selection of batik fabrics. I adore batiks. I have only one big complaint, it is too far away for me, too. They were having a block-of-the-month club that I really would have loved to do, but my quilting skills are somewhat pathetic. I am working on that, but with so many other loves, it is hard to carve out time for that, too.
Now, on to knitting......
Here are some shots of another Slice Of Autumn/Spring in one of my favorite yarns, Jojoland Melody. I knit this for Cindy. Here are some better shots of my Learning Lace Workshop Shawl. I reworked my First Lace Shawl to be a crescent shaped shawl. Beginning knitters have such difficulty with the center spine stitch, so I got rid of it. I am currently working on a navy version with some navy iridescent beads. I have a few inches to go on that one. Here are some better shots of my Seasons of Life Shawl, knitted in my birthday yarn that Cindy bought me. It is Schaeffer Aubrey in the colorway called Julia Childs. It is a lovely soft yarn. I used copper iridescent beads on it. I bought this blue yarn at the yarn store in Fayetteville, Hand Held Knitting. By the way, you need to visit this one, too. I wish I could have spent the day there. This is some yarn by Nomotta, called Hand-Dye Effect. It is a sock yarn. I used some really gorgeous beads on this that were a deep blue turquoise sapphire, silver lined. This is a small size of my Seasons of Life Shawl Diamond version. It only took the one ball 460 yards. I had 11 yards left over.
Here is a pic of my pot sculpture with mums planted in it. I love the colors. I have turnip greens, mustard greens and swish chard planted in my back garden, yum yummmmm!


Dawn said...

LOVE the colors of the Slice of Autumn/Spring! :-)

Delighted Hands said...

This shawl is SO versatile! Just beautiful! I love the copper one-wow!