Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Itching to quilt

I came back from Silver Dollar City itching to quilt and weave. I am googling blogs to try and get some idea of what to do with my hydrangea fabric. I want the main focus to be on the hydrangea print. I have two shade of the green in the leaves for accent. I love this fabric. I want it to be a lovely quilt, but a simple uncomplicated one, too. I found this blog, with this quilt. I plan on taking this fabric to my buddy, Nancy, on Thursday to see what she thinks. She is a great quilter. It has to be really simple, though. Life is too short for complicated quilting patterns, in my opinion.
I am going to be working on some of these for Christmas stash. I hope they are not complicated. It looks simple, but looks are deceiving.
Any of my blog buddies have any suggestions? Delighted Hands? Mary? Both of you are great quilters. You have any favorite quilting blogs? Help!
Today, I am thankful for my country and the right to vote. More importantly, I am thankful for a God who is sovereign over all that. I vote and I rest in His sovereignty.

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Delighted Hands said...

I love to look through Quiltmaker mag for inspiration-real quilts for real people. I think the two block designs interplay so easily but look intricate. I do love Stitch and a prayers blog-made several that were inspired by her posts! You have chosen some very pretty fabric!

I know what you mean about the sovereignty of God....I felt such peace after voting; I did what God requires of me and trust Him implicitly for the outcome.